Copy of Concise Services

bilingual content

customized brands

personalized events



Bilingual Content designed to reach your target audience effectively in English & Spanish.

Written to generate traffic to your websites, blogs and digital platforms through SEO formatting.

Customized for marketing campaigns and general promotional material.

Presented in a creative form with infographics, PowerPoint presentations and other visual support. 

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The branding process begins with an evaluation of your mission, values and image you wish to project to your target audience. 

We design your logo, style and corporate identity along with its various branding applications.

Strengthening your brand by developing a strategy to promote brand consistency and visibility 

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We plan creative events to promote your values and connect with your target audience.

Organize conferences, round tables, workshops, cocktail parties and nonprofit events. 

Serve as event host and guest blogger.

Every detail; design, theme, catering, logistic and supervision of the event.

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