• I am a broadcast graphic designer with a passion for style consistency and coordination across all boards.

  • I have worked for brand names! such as CNBC, Fox News Channel and Bloomberg TV, producing on-air graphics for the newscast. I know how to design and develop professional and consistent brand styles, customized to your needs.  

  • I am also a busy-mom of two boys and they are the main reason why I decided to start my own business. I saw the need to have a more flexible schedule to be more available for them while doing what I enjoy the most; design and conceptualize new ideas for new projects.

  • I am a creative and enthusiastic professional with a passion for event planning and all the details pertaining to it.

  • I have a degree in Advertising, a Master’s in Digital Marketing & Business Management and a Certificate in Assembly and Protocol of Social and Corporate Events and Public Speaking. Plus 10 years of experience organizing corporate events for organizations such as United Nations, FAO, PMA & GFDD.

  • In 2017 I became the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl, Eva Luna, she is my motor and inspiration to start my own business and follow my dreams.